At Mount Tabor

A poem written by me ! All Rights Reserved !

P.S : Tabor is the one appearing in the horizon – picture taken by me
for more poems & pics follow me on Instagram: sa17ahmadi

At the base of Tabor
is my ancient village
ancient as Egypt & Ur
for sadness it’s a cure

At mount Tabor
was the transfiguration of Jesus
Jesus Son of Mary
the messenger of God

At Tabor came Salahuddeen
he made just & good
gave to each his food
as did the Caliph before
it was peace no war

at Dabburiyah of Tabor
my fathers settled
& their seed
& the seeds that came after

At Dabburiyah
people smiled
told truth
never lied
there was a river
at one side
& trees whereof behined
the sun would hide
whereof birds slept
in peace they were kept

At Dabburiyah of Tabor
the ancient as the city of Ur
the smell of bread
at the aurora had spread
& the stoves of fire
shined as stars on land
this was Dabburiyah my land
the flames would die at down
under the warmth of the sun
& the flames of red
goes to the circle of red
in the crown of heavens

At Dabburiyah
stood a mosque
next to wich
stood a church
brothers & sisters
praising the Lord
there hands
together they hold
from the wall of the church
to the wall of the mousque
they pray
praise be to the Lord

Dabburiyah was surrounded
with walls of woods
wherein were dears
horses & sheep’s

Dabburiyah was built
upon land of green
in winter in summer
in spring could be seen
at spring
on the spring
people danced
boys & girls
the sound of smiles
travelled for miles & miles
with sound of flute
& women singing
the songs of Palestine
clapping their hands
singing with the men
on drums & flute
the songs of Palestine

Dabburiyah & Tabor
didn’t vanish as Ur
till this day
they stand still
no matter with wind
no shake of chill
there are still
Mosques & Churches
Men & Women
some trees & some sheep’s
but the spring
& the green of spring
has ceased to exist

Dabburiyah & Tabor
Vanished more than Ur
people & stones are still there
but Dabburiyah & Tabor
had died
when she died

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